Ciao! My name is Maya Perkins and I am a student at the University of Oklahoma. I am studying biology/pre-medicine with a minor in psychology. This summer I will be attending a study abroad program in Italy. I am so excited for this trip because I get to go back to one of the places I love while studying Organic Chemistry and the culture.

A little bit about me is that I love to travel. I cannot stay in one place for too long or I start to get bored. My love for traveling and experiencing new things began in high school. When I was a sophomore in high school I went to Costa Rica with my spanish teacher and I fell in love with the place. The next year I went to Germany, Switzerland, France, and London. My senior year I went to Spain and Italy. The summer going into my sophomore year of college I did not travel abroad and I was so bored. Instead of traveling I was able to have the amazing opportunity to go to Bonnaroo. For those of you who do not know what Bonnaroo is, it is a HUGE music festival in Tennessee. 10/10 I would recommend. ¬†After Bonnaroo I started to eat, breath, and sleep music festivals. It is now a huge part of my life next to going abroad. You can pretty much figure you out I am very whimsical. Not only am I whimsical, but I am a little too spontaneous for my own good, lol. If I’m not busy and there is a good concert that is around me (even in bordering states), I pack a bag and go! I love music festivals and concerts. Music and art are my life!