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This past Saturday the organic class took a filed trip to Florence. We went to the Ufitiz and the Academia. I’m supposed to write about the culture of Italy,  and I feel like I covered it very heavily in my post about Rome. I honestly have zero idea what to type about.

In my opinion I felt that Florence was more about the tourist attraction rather than the culture in comparison to Rome. Rome is a huge tourist stop but I feel like the sense of culture in Rome is much stronger than in Florence. By that I mean, I was able to witness how close families and friends are just by sitting at a park in Rome. Florence may be smaller but there are too many tourists. In Rome the cultural was so easy to observe, but in Florence there were too many tourist for that city. While I was strolling through the streets of Florence all I noticed was one tourist group after another, and a ton of pick-pocketers Florence is such a big tourist destination because of the Unfitiz, academia, the Domo, and the leather market. To me, people were much more excited about shopping and the leather market than going to the academia or the Ufitizi.

I feel like the culture of Florence is all about tourist and tourist traps. For instance, instead of people admiring the beauty of the Domo, they were all taking living through their cameras by taking selfies. Also, there are leather shops on every corner with the same thing as the leather market.

For instance, Rome was very family oriented. I went to dinner one night around 10pm and a ton of families were eating together or there would be groups of friends strolling around. Rome was very family and friend oriented.

Whereas Florence was not; I felt like Florence is very much more about the individual. It was hard to get a good judge on the culture in Florence because there were so many tourist and not many locals around the areas I ventured off to.

I guess you can say that Italy doesn’t have just one set culture but each town or city has its own culture and together it makes the Culture of Italy.