Hello friends!

So I am going to write my culinary experience over my favorite restaurant in Arezzo called Mariano’s.  The first night we were in Arezzo the whole group went to Mariano’s. This restaurant is upscale than most and the owner/ chef is very personable. So the first night we ate at Mariano’s, Mariano himself came out and introduced himself. After Mariano came to visit with use, his waitress started to read off the menu. This is different from the upscale Italian restaurants that I have been to in the States. The menu consisted of bread salad, pasta, pizza, and meatballs. I ordered the pepper and cheese pasta, someone ordered the meatballs, and another in the group ordered the bread salad. When the waitress came out with the food I was surprised that the meatballs were literally 3 small balls of meat and the salad consisted of mostly small cubes of soggy bread. Me being American I thought that the meat balls would be much bigger and that the salad would have bread on the side. How ignorant of me! My pasta was delicious. Ever since that night, Mara and I go to Mariano’s at least once a week if not two. I go there so often that the waitress knows my order by heart. After I have ordered my first course, she asks if I want the desert, we get a choice between desert and fries, I always say yes. I believe Mariano’s exemplifies the Italian culture and the culture that is in Arezzo. Arezzo is one of the smaller towns that I have had the pleasure to visit and live in. I have noticed that Arezzo has a very strong family culture. The town inside the walls is so small that it is very easy to get to know quite a bit of people. Mariano’s exemplifies this because the staff and Mariano make me feel like family and whenever I see them walking on the streets we always say ciao to each other. It really feels like a family.